Sunday, October 10, 2010

2500yrs of Marathon , 10-10-10

Yesterday (10-10-2010)Rithvik and his daddy participated in 4km raise fund for Ovarian cancer, there they had different fund raising teams and different courses say 10km,5.6km,full marathon and half marathon...

First we thought Rithvik will struggle to finish his walk, but he enjoyed a lot.......
It’s a massive crowd almost 50,000 people participated.

Starting ......

To encourage all participants they awarded all with this stunning Medal....this posing is due to the commonwealth fever ..... he think this is the winner medal.

10% of the crowd....Yarra bridge. 

Ha..ha..ha...we both awarded with the same medal.....


Lot of kids, mums with prams and lots and lots of senior citizens....


  1. That's great that he and his dad did this walk together, for such a good cause! What a cute little guy you have there.

  2. fun to see all this. He really is cute..

  3. Its a great event that u participated. Appreciate you.

    C. Krisnujith,