Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tasmania trip

Having soup with my sweet dad:)

I’m standing in front of Sheffield town murals-Tasmania.

This June 16-2010 we all went to Tasmania by Ship, Rithvik had a beautiful three day experience, his dad planned to cover as much place as we can properly, and we did had a great days to remember....
Rithvik’s class teacher asked us to get some pictures of the Tasmanian native animals, but we found only kolas and kangaroos in the wild, just to take snaps we went to Tasmanian zoo, we did took some photos of the ferocious devil.


  1. Hi Rithvik.. I actaully was so shocked ot see that i have follower for my journal :).. wow it really seems nice when no one actually is there ot look into it :)... thanks so much... now i m inspired to write more and will definitely do :)...following u too :)